‘Lulla Collection’ aims to inspire style enthusiasts of all ages.

Known for Vibrant, Colorful Prints and Trendy Accessories, the Lulla Collection has made a name for itself as a Premiere Accessory Brand.

Branching out into other Fashion-Forward Categories including Hair Accessories, Beauty Products, Kimonos, Leather Goods, and Jewelry. ‘Lulla Collection’ aims to be the go to Accessory Brand!

Founded in 2012, ‘The Collection’ is designed for Fashion Lovers, by Fashion Lovers. Our Creative Director, Bindya Lulla’s inspiration comes from being a bona-fide New Yorker and Global Traveler.

The designs are a complex assortment of colors, shapes, textures, and fabric flow. Simplified in the most simple way possible.

The Bindya NY Collection uses modern Luxurious Fibers and Finishes for its’ Accessories. & ‘Lulla Collection’ - Emphasizes on designs that are fashion-forward, affordable, and above all else created with the Consumer in mind.

‘Lulla Collection’ is the perfect mix for familiar fashion and extraordinary style.