We are always down for a fabulous vacation, one including showing off all your trendy outfits! Not sure about you guys, but there is something about planning a trip to a new location or a spot you have been dying to return to, that makes the whole part about a “vacation” that much more exciting. For all you jet-setters, our Lulla accessories are perfect for any type of travel especially if you’re trying to travel “light”. 

photo from @Pinterest

photo from @Pinterest

Let’s be honest here, the best trips start out with a smooth experience at the airport. That being said, we think we managed the perfect way to travel with just a carry on! Yes, we said it- a whole vacation packed away in a small carry on (a 3-5 night stay). 


Packing 1 bag can be a tad “daunting” for us fashionista’s but if we can do it, so can you! So, first things first- invest in a small compact luggage with a lot of compartments! This makes it easy to tuck away some of the necessary pieces you can’t live without on your vacation such as bikinis, scarves, bodysuits, kimonos, shoes, etc. Once all the essentials are in place, you’ll feel liberated and ready to hit the runway (in this case, the airport runway of course…) 

Where do you love to vacation?


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