Everyone in NYC is always ahead of the game when it comes to fashion, home decor, electronics and even keeping up with the hottest workouts. Many would say New York City is a place where beautiful people live and hustle to look/feel their best. With summer still in action, we thought it would be perfect to share with you our favorite workout spots. The list can go on but we wanted to keep it short and sweet!

SOULCYCLE. The cult of all cycling studios! Burn calories by dancing to the latest hit and feel good music for 45 minutes straight.

PROJECT BY EQUINOX. Tucked away on Mulberry Street, Project By Equinox offers the hottest classes focussing on Cardio, Strength, Toning and HIIT.  

SLT. Created with a few different levels, SLT focuses on mind, body and strength. This 50 minute class is offered all over the island including the hamptons if you’re staying out there on the weekends!

BARRY’S BOOTCAMP. Burns up to 1,000 calories in just one class! This HIIT workout pushes you to go even further and the music choice will keep your energy high.

FHITTING ROOM. HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL CLASSES at its finest! You will definitely feel your body changing during this workout.

ORANGE THEORY. Heart rate based workout- they’ll hook you up to a monitor system you can keep an eye on the entire workout to push yourself! A mix of cardio and floor training, you’ll be sure to leave in a sweat.

RUMBLE. 10 full rounds of amazing music and boxing! The dark vibe gets you moving and feeling awesome.


What's your favorite workout routine? 


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